Conversion and extension of Schulzendorf Primary School
Illgenstrasse 26, Schulzendorf, Brandenburg

The task of extending the primary school in Schulzendorf had the aim of building another free-standing building. Instead, we proposed to extend the existing school building type to create a single, closed volume. This would add to the school’s presence, thereby consolidating its position in the ensemble in terms of urban development and ensuring suitability for its purpose. A jointless shell around the existing building and the two annexes combine to create a mixture of old and new in a striking building. The connecting material is a curtain façade made of willow that is woven together on site.

Planning/Realization: 2005-2007
Construction phases: 1-8
Rooms: 18 classrooms, 3 specialist rooms, 1 library, 1 hall, 1 canteen
New use area: 2.815 m2

DAM Preis für Architektur, 2008, Shortlist
Auszeichnung Guter Bauten 2008, BDA Brandenburg
Hans Schäfer Preis 2007, BDA, Anerkennung
Brandenburgischer Architekturpreis 2007, Architektenkammer Brandenburg

Project photos: Andrea Kroth