WILMA | Living is more!

The IBA Hamburg GmbH is planning to award plots of land in the Wilhelmsburg Rathausviertel project zone to cooperative building ventures as part of an interest-determination procedure. Here, the plan is to create a lively quarter full of contrasts on an area of approximately 32 hectares, totaling around 1,700 apartments.

To ensure that future cooperative building ventures receive optimal partnerships, the ventures are required to choose from a pool of architecture firms when they are awarded a plot of land.

Our model project demonstrates our suggestion for how to create building group projects with more quality, more possibilities — and more community.

For Building Zone 13 in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, we’ve developed a model project to serve as the address for two cooperative building ventures: WILMA.

WILMA is a generation-spanning residential concept, ideal for families and individuals regardless of their age, origin, relationship status, or physical limitations. WILMA is open and stands in solidarity with all people, reacting to social developments and overcoming structures of closed-off and traditional family life. Here, desires and individual needs are fully integrated, a fact reflected in WILMA’s spatial program.

Community is a desire, not an obligation!

The concept is simple: WILMA creates high-quality and affordable living space for its members and their families — alongside intelligent financing and support programs. Over a period of 3 years, we will finish a residential building with 56 to 64 apartments, 11 flexible and productive community spaces, and 7 units for commercial, cultural, and social uses, alongside a daycare center.

A modular structure allows flexible living typologies. Everyone can find the floorplan of their choice. Adaptive floorplans and the resulting living typologies are customizable and can be adapted to the different situations and needs of the different cooperative members.

WILMA integrates vertically and horizontally adaptive community spaces, features, and possibilities that will be co-designed through a participative process and make a significant contribution to the building and district. One key element is the structure’s arcades, which provide not only circulation but a meeting place, play area, and communication zone. A shared roof terrace and a green garden in the block invite cooperative residents to come relax and linger. Here, everyone finds their place!

Planning: 2021-
Residential units: 56-64
Different units: 11 community spaces, 7 units for commercial, cultural, and social uses, as well as a daycare center