Living in Berg am Laim, Munich

The new project is located in the east of Munich, in the popular Berg am Laim district. A sustainable residential quarter is being built here using a timber hybrid construction method, creating new living space for the city of Munich. Thanks to its design, it has a very pleasant quality of stay and offers an unusually high ecological standard.

The new residential building picks up on the existing row structure and open development. In contrast to the solitary rows in the surrounding area, it forms clear sides. The facades facing each other form a private courtyard for terraces and gardens for the apartments located here, as well as for the entire building community. On the first floor, there is space for commercial premises, a mobility hub and a daycare center.

The new building blends into the park-like surroundings. The private outdoor space is clearly differentiated from the publicly accessible open and green spaces by lowering the courtyard. Smaller private gardens are located in front of the first floor apartments and the apartments in the lowered courtyard to create a social distance. The sunken and landscaped courtyard as a small "urban oasis" contributes to a better microclimate thanks to its planting and valuable evaporation areas. A communal green space with a large children's play area forms the center of the courtyard.

The buildings are oriented east-west and despite the large depth of the building, all apartments are optimally lit. The building is based on a floor plan on which different types of living can be realized. Two 2-bedroom apartments, a 1-bedroom and a 3-bedroom apartment as well as a family-friendly 4-bedroom apartment make up a basic module. Depending on the mix of apartments, between 200 and 240 residential units can be realized.

Planning/Realization: 2022-2026
Construction phases: 1-5
Residential units: 174
Living space: 16,000 sqm
Parking spaces: 196

Client: UBM Development Deutschland GmbH
Landscape: friedburg & Co. Landschaftsarchitektur, Berlin