New development of a residential quarter
Schlicksweg, Hamburg-Barmbek

In Hamburg-Barmbek, an ensemble of differing apartment typologies is being constructed for the members of a housing cooperative. The new block incorporates itself into the surroundings, forming clear edges against the road while being permeable to the environment. The resulting buildings present a poised, self-assured front to the public space, their unity shown through their shape and materials.
“Green spaces” create entry areas inside the block interior and are designed as small verandas that can be enjoyed by all the residents. A large green courtyard creates a shared space for social encounters.

Planning/Realization: 2018-2023
Construction phases: 1-5
Planning area: 6.255 sqm
Residential units: 100
Floor area: 10.664 sqm
Living space: 7.676 sqm

Client: Baugenossenschaft Hamburger Wohnen eG, Hamburg
Landscape architecture: friedburg & Co. with HHVH Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin