New development of a residential building
Schönholzer Strasse 11, Berlin-Mitte

In its privileged corner and south-facing location, the building in Schönholzer Strasse concludes an urban square situated opposite. A band of reinforced concrete running from the ground to the rooftop defines the structure of all storeys and forms the loggias and balconies over the corner of the building. Its sculptural nature gives the corner its expression and forms exterior spaces for the apartments. The band’s protrusions and recesses create a variety of open spaces. At some places the glass façade can be opened along the band over the entire width of the room, transforming the spaces into room-sized loggias. At others, the façade withdraws and leaves space for a terrace that is protected by the band.

Planning/Realization: 2005-2008
Construction phases: 1-8
Residential units: 11
Living space: 1,317 m2

Project development: SmartHoming GmbH, Berlin

Gestaltungspreis Neues Wohnen in der Stadt, 2010, Wüstenrot Stiftung
Architekturpreis Zukunft Wohnen 2009, Bund Deutscher Baumeister

Project photos: Andrea Kroth