New development of two residential buildings
Ruppiner Strasse 43, Berlin-Mitte

The special aspect of this project is that two buildings and a square were created on three properties. The actual corner property remained undeveloped and became a public square that was flanked by two identical, mirroring buildings. With their façades towards the street, the courtyard and the square, the apartment buildings have three sides that face the city. The disadvantage of a typical Berlin block corner was transformed into a small urban square that provides light and local recreation for the two new buildings, thereby making it untypical for Berlin. On each floor there is an apartment with three sides and three directions, making the alignment of the property secondary.

Planning/Realization: 2003-2007
Construction phases: 1-8
Residential units: 2 x 6
Living space: 1,524 m2

Projekte development: Smart Homing GmbH, Berlin
Garden and square: friedburg & Co., Berlin

Gestaltungspreis Neues Wohnen in der Stadt, 2010, Wüstenrot Stiftung
KfW Award 2008

Project photos: Andrea Kroth