Competition 2010/ Mauerpark development
Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
Competition organiser: CA Immo GmbH

The buildings for the competition design stand freely in the Mauerpark, in groups of three houses – clusters. A base highlights the community of each cluster with respect to the public park. The private space is limited and protected, without occupying the public space. Access to the buildings is provided by stairs and ramps in a public courtyard between the buildings. Due to the heightened position, the courtyards have a semi-public character and act as a meeting place. Private gardens that need no additional demarcation are aligned in a circular fashion around the buildings. The building typology is diverse, ranging from townhouses to house-in-house concepts, as well as single-floor apartments.

Competition: 1st Prize
Residential units: 408
Floor area: 59,100 m2
Landscape: herrburg Landschaftsarchitekten