New development of a residential and business building
Lychener Strasse 43, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

The undeveloped plot in Lychener Strasse in a Wilhelminian quarter became a design challenge since the economic use required a building volume of 10 m x 26 m x 22 m. That volume was handled in a way that allowed it to occupy the location without making it disappear. Two deep incisions at the front and back break up the closed nature of the block, while the strict distinction between public and private areas is replaced by a maximum contact area: The pedestrians pass through the private garden, the neighbouring building’s firewall is a room wall, each apartment has one façade towards the street and one to the garden. That lack of distinction means the gap’s space always remains tangible.

Planning/Realization: 1998-2001
Construction phases: 1-9
Residential/business units: 12/1
Use area: 1,640 m2

Landscape architecture: friedburg & Co., Berlin

Project photos: Stephanie Kiwitt