New development of a residential high-rise

The property at Krautstrasse has a very central location in Berlin-Friedrichshain, directly adjoining with the districts of Mitte and Kreuzberg. The building is used for housing, for which the special development has a floor space of 1,500 m2 covering eleven floors, plus a roof development with a floor space of 500 m2. The building’s appearance is defined by the regularly staggered, recessed loggias.This creates an open façade while also achieving maximum privacy for the individual apartments. Spacious, two-storey foyers define the entrance at Krautstrasse. The building is characterized by an aluminum façade, large windows and spacious 10.5 m2 loggias.The architecture thereby sets itself apart from the surrounding prefabricated GDR housing blocks, while still being integrated into its environment as a free-standing building.

Planning: 2014
Construction phases: 1-4
Residential units: 174
Living space: 12.000 sqm
Storeys: 12