New residential complex with seven buildings on Hans-Stuck-Strasse, Ingolstadt

A residential complex featuring 206 units is being built on Hans-Stuck-Strasse in Ingolstadt. One of these — House 3, featuring 41 apartments — will be realized by zanderroth.

House 3 is a 6-story, freestanding, cube-shaped building with a ventilated metal facade. Its trapezoidal sheet metal, coated in pearl pink, shifts its lightness and color depending on the weather and sky. Each window format is associated with a room size or function. The inside of the building is reflected on the exterior through the variability of openings and balconies, making life itself visible. Balconies are connected together through three-dimensional vertical greenery, forming a space for climbing plants, birds, bats, and small creatures.

Planning/Realization: 2021-
Construction phases: 1-5
Residential units: 41
Residential area: 2.950 qm

Client: Gemeinnützige Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Ingolstadt GmbH