New development of a residential and business building
Brunnenstrasse 12, Berlin-Mitte

The building’s folded façade makes it interact with the busy, noisy Brunnenstrasse thoroughfare. The rear side, with its balconies, opens out towards the park. Within the building, all units are flexibly planned according to their uses. Some are office space and others are apartments. The highlight is the swimming pool on the roof, which covers the entire area of the building and provides an incredible view. On the rear side, the complex is completed by a five-storey single-family home with direct access to the public park behind it. The building is heated and cooled using 30 special geothermal probes and has fully controlled ventilation.

Planning/Realization: 2007-2012
Construction phases: 1-8
Residential/business units: 3/4
Use area: 1,240 m2

Garden: TDB Landschaftsarchitektur

Project photo: Simon Menges, Berlin