New development of six apartment buildings
Thulestrasse 62, Berlin-Pankow

A spacious development was designed for the property in Thulestrasse, consisting of six modern, free-standing urban buildings with flexible owner-occupied apartments. The contemporary new development project is characterised by its “vertical gardens”, which give the buildings a very special atmosphere. Large plant boxes are integrated into the surrounding terraces and balconies, creating small private gardens on each floor – relaxed places of retreat, with plenty of fresh air, sun and greenery, all in the centre of town.
The six free-standing buildings are situated in a park-like garden and open out in all directions. They benefit from their mutually staggered alignment, ideal lighting and a fluent transition from the living areas to the garden. The spacious, room-high façade glazing gives the excellently lit apartments a relationship with the urban landscape garden that surrounds the buildings. In this way, the interior and exterior areas combine to create a single space.

Planning/Realization: 2015 - 2020
Construction phases: 1 - 5
Residential units: 396
Living space: 35.100 sqm
Parking spaces: 221

Landscape: KUULA Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin