New development of two residential buildings Schmollerplatz, Berlin-Treptow

This construction project consists of two identical, symmetrical buildings that are positioned at 90-degree angles on a plateau raised by 0.75 meters. The seven-story residential buildings are situated to provide a spatial conclusion to the park-like area of Schmollerplatz. The elevated positioning creates a private entryway, drawing a distinction between the public and private outdoor spaces. Where Onckenstrasse and Lexisstrasse meet, the buildings create a new urban square. This yields a communal outdoor area that becomes the lynchpin of the project. The ground floor, instead of closing itself off from the public, makes aggressive use of the possibility of direct ground access by taking the surrounding areas that belong to the property and rendering them private and accessible. The buildings are neither gap fillers nor solitary structures. Instead, they are independent buildings blocks that serve to complete the city at this spot.

Planning / Construction: 2014-2019
Service phases: 1-5
Residential units: 78
Living space: 7.011 sqm

Project development: Garbe Immobilien-Projekte GmbH
Landscape architecture: herrburg Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin

Project photos: Simon Menges, Berlin