New development of a residential building
Magazinstrasse 17, Berlin

This seven-story residential building with 11 apartments on 7 floors is located in Magazinstrasse, in Berlin’s Mitte district. The building is made of lightweight concrete poured on site. The construction project is located in a central location, between historic residential buildings and buildings of the "Zuckerbäckerstil".

The floor-to-ceiling windows differ from the visible massiveness of the material. In the design of the facades a modern lightweight concrete is used which has both: a supporting and a highly insulating function. The facades are created as concrete solid walls, which eliminates a separate thermal insulation. The detailing of the building is minimalist and reduced. Each floor has generous wooden windows opening to the street.

Planning/Realization: 2017-2023
Construction phases: 1-5
Residential units: 11
Business: 1
Living space: 1.064 sqm

Project development: SmartHoming GmbH, Berlin