New development of a residential and business building
Linienstrasse 87, Berlin-Mitte

This residential building in Linienstrasse combines the required full use of the property with the desired quality of spacious residential units. The solution is a three-dimensional Tetris on a playing area of 3 x 3 x 7 fields. According to this concept, the volume of residential units is distributed in the form of modules within the undeveloped site. Like a spatial plan by Loos, two modules with their departments create bedrooms, low-ceilinged auxiliary zones and living rooms with a height of 4.30 metres. By organising the residential units as split-levels, the lost area is limited and no stairs are required inside the apartments. The play on modules within the building is also legible from the outside through the distribution of windows on the facade.

Planning/Realization: 2002-2007
Construction phases: 1-6
Residential: 13
Business: 1
Use area: 1,136 m2

Garden: herrburg Landschaftsarchitekten

Project photos: Andrea Kroth