New development of six residential buildings
Liebigstrasse 1, Berlin-Friedrichshain

The ensemble of six point houses is situated in the midst of a 5.000 m2 park-like landscape in a very central location, to the north of Frankfurter Allee in the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. The new “quarter” at Liebigstrasse 1 is quiet and condenses the existing urban structure in a gentle way. The free-standing buildings are positioned at a distance of 15 m from each other and are open in all directions. They benefit from their mutually staggered position, ideal natural lighting and diverse visual references to the green surroundings. A distinction is made between two different building typologies: 2 x VI-storey, 4 x VII-storey, and also between 6-7 different apartment types including a garden apartment. The principle of individual residential buildings is applied in the flexible combination of their floor plans. They can be added or divided. The flexible floor plans enable small residential units for singles and couples, as well as – after merging – large units for families. Two apartments with a floor space of 52 m2 and 64 m2 can be individually used or combined to create a large 116 m2 apartment. This follows the principle of a flexible building, since it is not dictated by load-bearing walls and building elements. Demands change depending on different stages of life and the floor plans can adapt flexibly to the living conditions and requirements of the people.

Planning/Realization: 2010-2015
Construction phases: 1-8
Residential units: 144
Living space: 9,431 sqm

Project development: SmartHoming GmbH, Berlin
Landscape architecture: friedburg & Co.,Berlin

Fiabci Prix d' excellence 2017, Residential Development, Bronze
MIPIM Award 2017, Best Residential Development

Project photos: Simon Menges, Berlin